JAKARTA. (07/08) Students of SD Juara Jakarta Timur fostered by Rumah Zakat held Fundraising for Lombok Earthquake Disaster on the school grounds.

The activity began with the dhuha prayer in congregation led by Lukman Supriyadi as the Tahfidz Teacher. After that the activity continued with a joint prayer for the victims of the earthquake disasterin Lombok.

Dandi, a 6th grade student raises infaq funds to all students and teachers at SD Juara Jakarta Utara while  Tausiah taushiyah delivered by Ahmad Subhan, a PAI teacher and continued with the calculation of infaq funds for the earthquake disaster in Lombok.

What’s interesting about this fundraising action is one of the students who gave infaq from his own piggy bank.

“Thoriq, 5th grade student often give infaq to victims of natural disasters from his piggy bank,” said Fitri Meiany, Teacher of SD Juara Jakarta Timur.

This time the money he donated was Rp. 150,000. And the total amount of infaq money for victims of the earthquake disaster in Lombok is Rp. 1,520,000.

“Alhamdulillah, we can help the victims of the earthquake disaster in Lombok,” said Nur and grade 6 Reyhana.


Syahidan / Lailatul Istikhomah


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