SD JUARA TANGERANG BELAJAR MENU SEHATTANGERANG. (03/31) SD Juara Tangerang today activity is study about healthy menu with the theme of food ie fruit salad (Rujak). The event began with setting up some kind of fruits such as guava, starfruit, pineapple, yam and kedondong. Once the fruit is ready, then the fruit is cut into thin and salad seasoning menu prepared by Mrs. Zaetun.

Once everything is ready, the children gathered in one class and promptly seated in a circle. Having gathered all the children, Mrs. Sinta explained about the ingredients used to make this fruit salad and also described the types of fruit that is certainly very healthy for the body.

“Upon completion of the explanation given, the fruit salad was distributed to each student each one plate, and it is visible all students eat it with zeal for fruit salad was tasty and healthy” said Mrs. Zaetun

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