BANDUNG. (20/12) Poverty in Indonesia is still a concern of the current government. Not only Government, Rumah Zakat is also very concerned about issues related to the economy of the community Rumah Zakat has an economic empowerment program in developing MSME programs in each empowered village (Desa Berdaya).

The first important role of MSMEs is as a means of alleviating small communities from poverty. The main reason is the high rate of employment by MSMEs.

Secondly, MSMEs also have a very important role in the economic equality of the community. Unlike large companies, MSMEs have locations in various places including in areas that are far from the urban.

Third, the existence of MSMEs in Indonesia can minimize the economic gap between the poor and the rich. In addition, small communities do not need to go to the city in droves to get a decent living.

The CEO of Rumah Zakat, Nur Efendi, said that until December 2018, Rumah Zakat by empowering its economy could foster and empower 1,502 MSMEs in 29 Cities of Indonesia.

“These MSMEs are on average located in Rumah Zakat empowered village and are able to open jobs and opportunities for villagers especially for mothers to be empowered in their own villages without having to go to the city or abroad.” he said.

Of course- Nur continued – this is not only the work of Rumah Zakat alone, 1,502 MSMEs are present because of the contribution of all parties, because of infaq, zakat and sadakah donated through Rumah Zakat.

“Thank you from partners and donors. Let us together, empower more MSMEs in Indonesia so that the Indonesian poverty rate will decline and the people will become more empowered,” said Nur.


Silvia Zakiah Itsnaini

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