SEDIAKAN AIR BERSIH, RZ TERUS BANTU RECOVERY ACEHHARIANAMANAH.ID, JAKARTA–An earthquake in Aceh has made clean water channel of citizens broken, consequently citizens of supply shortage of clean water.

Seeing these conditions, Rumah Zakat (RZ) distributed clean water in two districts most in need, including Trienggading District and Meureudu District.

” Alhamdulillah, today solicitation synergies from corporate partners continues to grow, hopefully we can help our brothers in Aceh to get back to normal life as before the earthquake,” said, RZ’s CEO Nur Efendi, Friday (20/01).

RZ has distributed 140,000 liters of clean water since Thursday (29/12) to Friday (06/01) ago.

In addition, RZ also helped the renovation MCK Baiturahman Mosque Gampong Masjid Peudeuk and in Meunasah Balek, the rebuilding of Masjid Darul Ihsan in Gampong Deah Teumanah and the installation of water filtration in meunasah Balek.

“Insya Allah, RZ continues to assist in the recovery of Aceh to its conclusion,” he said.

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