Oleh: Amir Faishol Fath

One day the Prophet Muhammad advised his friends about food that was better than what was obtained from his own sweat, and therefore the Prophet David never ate the results of his own results (HR Bukhari).

Abdurrahman ibn Awf, upon arrival in Medina on the journey of hijrah from Mecca, was offered by Sa’d bin Rabi ‘to take half of his wealth. However, he did not immediately accept the offer. He only asked to be shown the way to the market to trade.

A believer is a person who is always independent, works hard, does not deliver quickly to circumstances, and does not easily depend on others. For him, the narrowness of employment is not a barrier, freeing the spirit of enthusiasm to open up more promising new lands. In his soul the words of Allah SWT are imprinted, “Truly Allah does not change the state, improve it, change whatever is in themselves. ” (Qur’an 13:11).

To build this independence, Rasulullah SAW always supports his friends where (giving) is better than the hands below (begging or asking). (Bukhari-Muslim)

This statement is not only conveyed by the Messenger of Allah on the stand, it is also available in private meetings with his friends. Abu Hurairah, Rasulullah SAW, one day talked about his friends, the nature of poverty and wealth. His words, called poor, were not those who did not have a mouthful or two mouthfuls of food, did not have a grain or two dates, whatever begged (HR Bukhari-Muslim).

While the so-called rich, still said Rasulullah SAW, not those who have abundant wealth, ask those who are satisfied with Allah’s help which is less (HR Bukhari-Muslim).

This statement was not only conveyed by the Prophet on the stand, but also in private meetings with his friends. In history, as told by Abu Hurairah, Rasulullah SAW one day conveyed to his friends the nature of poverty and wealth.

At that time, the Prophet SAW said, ” Blessed are those who convert to Islam. They are blessed with the ability not to beg and are always satisfied with what Allah has given. Auf bin Malik explained that he – accompanied by a number of people – had met the Prophet SAW.

Interestingly, after taking an oath of allegiance to at the same time leaving shirk, and taking the oath of prayer five times a day, the Messenger of Allah whispered in a quiet but firm voice, saying baiat not to beg for others. (HR Muslim).

Such an attitude (baiat) Rasulullah does not only build commitment so that we are always independent in facing daily life. But, it also emphasizes that we as members of the community synergize optimally to build a society that has ta’wun fil birri wat-taqwa, helping one another in goodness and piety; not oppress each other. Allah knows best.


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