BATAM. Volunteers of Rumah Zakat Kepri implement the Nusantara Children’s Shoes (SAN) Program on Sunday (12/11). This is a shoe sharing program for children in isolated or inland areas of the archipelago that have economic limitations, especially to have shoes. The existence of this program is expected to give happiness to the children and to provide passion for school with new shoes provided.

A total of 3 volunteers Rumah Zakat Kepri Implemented distributing 10 packages pairs of shoes to the less fortunate children, precisely in the area of Perum Bumi Sakinah Tiban, Batam Kepri. They feel very happy to get shoe package from Rumah Zakat.

Randu, is one of the beneficiaries of Nusantara Children’s Shoes Program (SAN). He is 2nd grade student of SDN 05 Tiban Sekupang Kepri who is the son of Mr. Andi who works as a builder and his mother had long passed away.

Randu must go to school on foot which is about – + 4 KM away by wearing damaged and torn shoes. But Randu is not embarrassed to wear them, the most important thing is he’s able to go to school and get knowledge, Randu aspire to be a cop, so Randu keep the spirit and never give up.

And with this Program Randu can realize his desire to get a good and decent shoes to go to school. “Alhamdulillah thanks to brother of Rumah Zakat for the shoes. This is the most rewarding gift for me. May Allah repay the good, devoted blessing to the Donors and Rumah Zakat, Aamiin.” Randu expressed.


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