A study proves that prayer can improve bone posture if done correctly. Prayers performed five times a day are judged good for the backbone.

Reported by Ilmfeed, the researchers used a computer model consisting of prayer positions. They then analyze the movements and poses and relate them to back pain.

According to the results of the analysis, the position of prostration was assessed to increase joint elasticity. If done once a day, the benefits can be felt directly. Especially if done more often.

The researcher who also wrote the report, Prof. Khasawneh says the effects of body movement on health are similar to yoga or physical therapy. “Furthermore, studies indicate there is a strong link between prayer and a healthy lifestyle,” he said.

If the prayer movement is done properly, then physical health will be maintained. This will affect other things, such as economic, social, lifestyle to religious factors.

Prof. Khasawneh says prayers can erase physical stress, stress to anxiety. Prayer rituals, he added, can also streamline clinical care in patients with nerve or muscle dysfunction.

From the religious side, this prostration movement has been taught since thousands of years ago. Prostration is a sign that a person worships God Almighty.

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