sharinghappiness-org-kembali-wujudkan-bantuanTANGERANG. Mrs. Tri Endah (40) is the mother of two children, whose husband had recently died and he had to fight to care for and raise her children alone. Mrs. Endah, so she is usually called, is a teacher whose income is Rp 1.000.000, – per month which is used to meet the needs of life as well as school fees for her two children who are currently in elementary school and high school.

In the middle of the struggle for life Mrs. Endah must fight against the disease, she is suffering acute diabetes and cholesterol. Not only that, Mrs. Endah kidneys also affected by the disease of excess creatine to 3 stages. However, the disease has now spread to the kidneys so in recent months should consume special milk to got healthy kidneys because the conditions are now increasingly weak, she even need help to stand.

In October Mrs. Tri decided to stay at his parents’ house in Kedoya area so the family can help taking care of her. While her children entrusted to her uncle who is close to the school. She has checked a couples times to Pelni Hospital in the hope to be better.

Alhamdulillah via website RZ many donors who want to help ease the burden mra. Endah. The grant was given on Thursday (27/10) at Villa Mutiara Serpong block C1 / 19 South Tangerang. The grant will be used to purchase a metabolic checks tool and also the special milk for kidney in order to check and control independently.

“Thank you very much to the donators for the assistance. Hopefully I can get better. “, Said Mrs. Endah.


Newsroom/Nur Shyfa

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