KEDIRI. Monday (11/09), Today Volunteer Rumah Zakat Kediri re-implement Disaster Preparedness Student Program (PSB) in SMAN 7 Kediri City, as one partner in Disaster.

The training was attended by more than 30 students of SMAN 7 Kota Kediri, the total number of participants were about 60 children, while the material presented was Company Profile and also the introduction of volunteerism in disaster.

2017/2018 is the 2nd time period of the implementation of Disaster Preparedness Program in SMAN 7 Kediri, if initially in one month Rumah Zakat volunteers give material 2 times per month, now changed to 4 meetings every month which in every week Volunteers Rumah Zakat can give the PSB material to the younger siblings, this is a good appreciation from the school because it opened a new extracurricular in SMAN 7 As a form of appreciation to Rumah Zakat.

“Alhamdulillah, can re-establish a synergy with SMAN 7 Kota Kediri in Disaster Preparedness Student program. This is a new thing for Rumah Zakat Volunteers. Now the PSB be the Ektrakurikuler, Aamiin “said Duwi Rosalia as Rumah Zakat’s Volunteer Kediri.

“We like the PSB program, the activities are exciting and challenging, Alhamdulillah now in our school there is a new Extracurricular, the name is (SIGABTA). Hopefully, we can get a lot of insight in this new Ekskul” said Dinda one of SIGABTA board.

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