SMK PETERNAKAN JUARA MTT GELAR SEMARAKNYA WISUDASUBANG. SMK Peternakan Juara Majelis Taklim Telkomsel (MTT) Subang is a free quality school based on Boarding School which was established in 2013, seeks to meet the expectations and needs of the people by promoting Vocational education pattern with Islamiyah modern, systematic and integrated education.

On Sunday (06/05) located in Pondopo of Subang regency government, SMK Peternakan Juara carried out the first graduation ceremony, after studying for 3 years in SMK Juara subang under RZ guidance finally 23 students graduate from the school.

The event started at 08:00 with the opening ceremony followed by singing Indonesia Juara Song followed by singing Mars of RZ, ‘Sunda’ ceremonial procession with lengser concept ndertaken by students to welcome the graduates. This event was attended by representatives of the Indonesian Juara Foundation, Mr. Arif Taat Ujianto, Subang Education department representative Mr. Tarjana Nataraharja, M.Pd.

In his speech the Principal Mr. Ipik taufiq Ismail said that SMK Peternakan Juara who graduated 23 students is able to contribute to society, especially to provide solutions to the issue of farms that exist in Indonesia.

“Alhamdulillah, there are already about 10 students who have been accepted to work, five people are trying to pass the test to universities, and the rest of them become entrepreneur” said Ipik Taufik.

“I am proud to SMK Peternakan Juara, because SMK Peternakan Juara is a new pilot project of sekolah Juara, Hopefully by the first graduates, the students can able to provide solutions to the issues in the community, because the boarding school concept here that students not only learn academically, but also students learn religious knowledge intensively that made the difference with the other graduates. ” said the director of Indonesia Juara Foundation (IJF), Mr. Arif Ujianto Ujianto, S.Pd in his speech.

Mr. Tarjana Nataraharja, M.Pd from Subang District Education Office also said that SMK Peternakan Juara is the first private school in Subang based boarding. So it becomes a synergy of Islamic education and vocational skills. With the 23 graduates hopefully they able to transform society and the world with the provision of spiritual and intellectual collectivity get from SMK Peternakan Juara.

As a closing event the students accompanied by parents followed sungkeman session, Sundanese gamelan musical accompaniment make the atmosphere dissolves in gratitude and thanks.

Activities closed with a group photo, shaking hands with the teacher, also apologized to each other among the graduates. These activities are carried out with the cooperation between RZ, IJF, Majelis Taklim Telkomsel (MTT).

Newsroom / Kodar Udoyono

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