smp-juara-bandung-antusias-peringati-haornas-2016BANDUNG. On Thursday (09/15) RZ Volunteers distribute health and economic assistance in Kampung Jati, Jakarta. Such as health assistance for bu Yunirah (66) or commonly called Yuyun in the amount of 200,000 Rupiahs. She is suffering for lung disease – pulmonary and experiences excessive pain.

In addition, there is also the distribution of economic assistance to Suhartini (61), Siti Zubaidah (53) and Wirdawati (35) which each received 425,000 Rupiahs.

The distribution was held in Jati Klender village RT 05 RW 01, No. 06. Jatinegara Kaung subdistrict, Pulogadung, district. East Jakarta.

“Thanks to Rumah Zakat who has cared for me, my whole family is very happy and very helpful for the assistance given to us. ” Said Yuyun

The excitements are continuously to be felt by all the teachers and students of SMP Juara Bandung (RZ) at the Sports Camp (Saraga) ITB, Thursday (09/16).

Some sports activities enjoyed by all students, ranging from running around the track, women’s basketball and volleyball for students to male students. Not to forget the teachers also participated in the exercises.

These activities to commemorate the National Sports Day (Haornas), which falls on September 9 yesterday, also welcome PON XIX in West Java. Total of 150 students and 10 teachers attended.

“I expect all students can feel the pitch and running track differing from the school, other than that exercise can measure and improve the fitness and health of students,” said Tito Suhendar as Principal at the opening speech of the event.

Basketball and volleyball matches do with the competition between the classes, each class meet each corresponding lottery results. “It was very exciting, although there is a conflict but it rather exciting! I have an experience playing basketball in the appropriate place, Let’s do this again letter sir “said Aulia students in 9th grade when asked about the impression of exercising at ITB Sports Facilities.

Before the match Mr. Zaenal, gym teacher, give instructions and lessons on good technical exercise, as well as teach the basic techniques of basketball and volleyball. “This kind of activity should be carried out often, so that children are accustomed. I am also happy to see children excited exercise, “said Mr.Zaenal comment on this activity.

Activities end precisely at 11:30 a.m. Tarudin as the chairman of the activity thanking teachers and students who have succeeded in this activity. “Activities that can bring children’s talent, because of lack of sports facilities in schools, we cannot see the potential of sport in children,” said Tarudin closing the commemoration of Haornas 2016 of SMP Juara Bandung.


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