PALEMBANG. (31/01) In general Sausages are made from minced meat, animal fat and spices, and other ingredients. But Nani Sudarwati, a fostered citizen of Rumah Zakat, has the innovation of sausages made from raw vegetables and beetroot. The way to make this sausage is Nani, and it is the same as meat sausage.


Virta Veranica South Sumatra Rumah Zakat Empowerment Program said that Nani is a widow with two children and has been assisted Rumah Zakat for more than 4 years.


“This vegetable sausage is made at Nani’s own house. Although this effort starts with a little capital, Nani has noble ideals, namely to become Muzaki “, added Virtha.


For those who are interested in tasting sausages made from vegetable and beetroot, go directly to Jl. D.I Panjaitan Gang Lama Plaju or contact Nani 0852 6866 3816.


“For about 4 years, before I was fostered by Rumah Zakat, my income was around 1.5 million, but after being fostered by Rumah Zakat Alhamdulillah, my income increased to 5 million, so I could support my children and pay for my children’s school. I hope Rumah Zakat will provide more assistance to the people in need, “said the 31-year-old woman, smiling.


Rumah Zakat is a Humanitarian Institution and National Amil Zakat Institution that collects Zakat Funds, Infak, Shodaqoh, Endowments, CSR funds and other social humanitarian funds with the focus of four Program, Senyum Mandiri (Economy), Senyum Juara (Education), Senyum Sehat ( Health) and Senyum Lestari (Environment).


“Nani is included in the independent smile program which focuses on eradicating poverty in order to become an independent and successful MSME.” Close Virta.



Mas Medi / Lailatul Istikhomah

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