Sujud shukr or prostration of gratitude is one of the many guides of the Prophet Muhammad SAW in responding to the favors that Allah SWT bestowed on us. In a hadith narrated by Abu Dawud, Ibn Majah, and at-Tirmidhi from Abu Bakrah, it is said that the Prophet would perform sujud shukr if he got a situation that made him happy.

A question arose, was it required for one to be in a pure state or sacred condition when he wanted to perform sujud shukr? Quoting the description of the Dar al-Ifta’ Fatwa Institute of Egypt, the scholars differed in their opinion on whether the sujud shukr should be in a state of purification and covered aurat, as is the procedure for prostration in all prayers.

According to Imam Muhammad and Abu Yusuf from the Hanafi School, Imam Shafi’i, and Imam Ahmad, sujud shukr is required to be in a pure state and covered aurat, as valid conditions that apply in prayer. They refer to the hadith of Muslim, that no one’s prayer is accepted except in a pure state. Sujud shukr, is similar to any other prayer, one should take ablution and be in a pure state first.

Meanwhile, according to some other scholars, including scholars of the Maliki School, Ibn Taimiyah, Ibn al-Qayyim, Ash-Shayukani, and Ash-Shan’ani, sujud shukr does not require one to be in a pure state and covered aurat as prostration requirement that applies to prayers.

They reasoned, many companions who perform sujud shukr without having to perform ablution first, the Prophet witnessed what his companion did and did not correct him at all.

At the end of his presentation, this Institute states, from the description above, it is legal to perform sujud shukr without first having to purify referring to the opinion of the Maliki School of thought scholars and those who agree.

However, it is more important if you want to sujud shukr to purify yourself first, have intention (niah), then face the Qibla. However, once again, if unable to complete sujud shukr with these conditions, then one may sujud shukr, as their opinion that allows sujud shukr without purification.


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