Written by: Moch Hisyam

setop-maksiat-_130714035952-705Abdul Haq Al-Isybili told that there is a young man who is renowned for his piety. He always stays in the mosque to azan and shalat. One day, he climbed into the tower and ready to azan. Just below the tower there is a house belong to a Christian. When the young man looked around the house, he saw the daughter of the house owner.

He was tempted by the girl. Immediately he canceled to azan and approached the girl. The girl said “what do you want? The young man said “I want you.” Then the girl asked “why?” He answered. “You have tempted me and steal my heart.” The girl responded “I will never reject you.” He said “I will marry you.” Then the girl answered “how could? You’re a Muslim while I’m a Christian, my father will never allow me to marry you.” He said”I will become a Christian.” The girl said “if you want to do that for me, I’ll obey your will”. Finally, the young man became a Christian in order to be able to marry the girl. Then they lived in the girl’s house. At that time, the young man fell from the tower, he died and he is the loser because he has left Islam.

The story which is taken from Al-Jawab Al-Kahfi above, reminds us that su’ul khatimah can happen to anyone even though at the first he/she is an obedient person. Su’ul khatimah is a bad ending of life. For example, an obedient person who always do the right things but in the end of his/her life he/she falls into the disrepute.

These the factors which induce people to become su’ul khatimah faith damaged, do the immoral things, inconsistent, and poor of faith. Pious persons are always afraid of being su’ul khatimah. “And whoever of you reverts from his religion [to disbelief] and dies while he is a disbeliever – for those, their deeds have become worthless in this world and the Hereafter, and those are the companions of the Fire, they will abide therein eternally.” (Q.S. Al-Baqarah: 217)

To prevent su’ul khatimah we should maintain and increase our faith and devotion to Allah and we also should obey His command with sincerity.

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