BANDUNG. (29/05) Madarikul Huda Mosque in Kp. Cigoong RT 02 RW 04 Mekarsari Village Cimaung District Bandung Regency became the Zakat House Volunteer destination to distribute the Quran shird package.

The distribution of this Quran is held to coincide with the activities of Rona Nusantara of the 13th Special Ramadan.

Madarikul huda mosque is in the neighborhood of the Madarikul Foundation Huda, despite being in the school environment, but the local people often use it for prayer and learning Quran.

Every morning the children are accustomed to reciting, the afternoon is the adults who study and in the afternoon the children return to study.

Madarikul Huda Mosque is a new mosque, therefore, it is very necessary for the Quran for the community and students while studying.

Rumah Zakat volunteers provide 10 packages of Quran and Iqra for the congregation of this mosque. The handover of Quran Volunteers were welcomed by DKM and children around the mosque.

“Thanks Rumah Zakat House, hopefully the charity accepted by Allah and the future of this Quran can be more utilized, because it is still lacking in the procurement of the Quran.” Said Mr. Irfan Jahidin, as representative of the Mosque Madarikul Huda.

Andre / Lailatul Istikhomah

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