SYIAR QURAN UNTUK SANG GURU NGAJI CILIK SAMARINDA Her name is Putri Wahyuni, a girl in grade 3 junior high school turned out that she is one of the teachers at TPA where she learn Quran. Because he had long learn the Quran there the chairman of TPA or teachers recommend Princess for helping to teach the children who are new learner, particularly on those who still read Iqro.
TPA where she learns Quran has many students about 60 people, and therefore the Putri helps her teacher to teach Quran.

“In this TPA I once received Quran from MORA, but it was a long time ago and the Quran
has broken y now. A month ago we filed a proposal for Qur’an / Iqro aid but there was no response until now. “Told putri.

Their will now answered with the presence of Syiar Quran package from RZ.

“Thank you very much for your help, we are very happy, all my friends would also have been very pleased. Hopefully with the Qur’an and the new Iqro can make my friend more excited in particular to be able to recite. Thanks Volunteers and RZ, “said Putri.

Newsroom/Al Razi

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