By: Imam Nur Suharn

The Prophet SAW is the most pious and grateful. When Aisha RA asked, “Why do you do this, even though Allah has forgiven your past and future sins?” The Prophet replied, “Shouldn’t I be happy to be a grateful servant?” (HR Bukhari and Muslim).

Regarding Tahajjud or night prayer of the Prophet SAW, from Aisha, she said, “One night I felt the Prophet disappear from his bed, then I looked for him fumbling in the dark, it turns out my hand touched the soles of his feet and he was prostrating and both of his feet were being straightened up, at that time he was reading the prayer: “O God, I take refuge with Your goodness from your wrath, and to Your forgiveness from Your torment. I take refuge in you from your punishment; I cannot count how much praise is given to you, as much as you have praised yourself. “(HR Muslim).

From Aisha RA, she said: “Rasulullah SAW usually do night prayers after Isha until Fajr comes around.” (HR Ahmad).

Prophet SAW used to extend his standing time when praying. When he was asked about which prayer is the most important, he replied, “The longest standing.” (HR Darimi)

Narrated from Abu Hurairah RA, he said: “Rasulullah SAW performed evening prayers until the soles of his feet chapped.” (Nasai HR). The Prophet performed his prayers without resting for up to eight rak’ats (four greetings), only then did he sit in dhikr ( HR Abu Dawud). After the dhikr, he prayed two rak’ahs while sitting (HR Abu Dawud). After that, the Prophet prayed one rak’ah prayer (HR Abu Dawud), and continued prostrating for about 50 verses read (HR Bukhari).

The Prophet fulfilled his tahajjud by reading quietly, but can still be heard from Aisha’s room (HR Abu Dawud). The Prophet did not always read quietly, sometimes he read aloud (Ibn Majah). For madd or elongation, the Prophet read it clearly and really long (HR Ibn Majah).

At the end of his life sometimes the Prophet SAW recited for Tahajjud while sitting, after reading in the surah less than 30 verses or 40 verses, the Prophet stood up to perfect it (HR Ibn Hiban).

In another narration, when the Prophet reads the surah in prayer while sitting, bowing and prostration is also done while sitting (HR Muslim). If in his reading there is a verse that mentions the mercy of Allah, the Prophet prays to ask Him, if he read a verse that contains the punishment, the Prophet asks for protection, and if the Prophet reads the verse that mentions the holiness of Allah, the Prophet glorifies (HR Ibn Majah).

Hopefully, Allah guides us, Muslims, to imitate the midnight prayer of the Prophet and feel the sweetness of faith. Amen

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