BANDUNG (20/01) – 20 days after the disaster, the emergency response in Lebak, Banten was extended to January 28, 2020. Until January 18, 2019 there were 1,720 people displaced, 8 people died, 1,931 houses were damaged, 19 schools were seriously damaged, 27 local government offices damaged and 28 damaged Bridges.

Until today the impact of the disaster is still being felt by residents, therefore the Team of Rumah Zakat Action Volunteers are still located in one of the disaster locations in the village of Bolang, Bungur Mekar Village, Sajira Sub-district, Lebak Regency. The condition in this village is quite alarming, the only access to the residents was the bridge which has broken, therefore the rubber boat becomes an emergency means to cross the river with a depth of 15 to 20 meters, volunteers who distribute aid to this village must also cross the river with rubber boats operated by residents.

Another condition in the residential area traces of material can be seen washed away by the flood at that time, there is also a resident’s house that stands firm but is still filled with mud because it is submerged, not only is the paddy field that used to contain rice now looks only a stretch of mud, there are residents who can still save the rice to be dried in the sun and hope it can still be consumed.

“During the day the residents return home to clean and at night they go back to the refuge post because electricity is not yet on, residents also still have trouble getting clean water because the water source is still contaminated with mud,” Said Herlan Wilandariyansyah, Rumah Zakat Action Volunteer Coordinator.

If seeing this condition, the people affected by the disaster in Lebak, Banten still need help, especially assistance to clean up the remnants of mud, cleaning tools, medical services, medicines, clean water, rebuilding bridges, and basic necessities because economic activities have not recovered.

Since the first day of the disaster, Rumah Zakat Action sent 24 volunteers, deployed 2 units of ambulances and 2 units of operational cars, performed medical services, distribution of food packages, and provided psychosocial services for children.

“Rumah Zakat Action will continue to carry out further actions after the disasters such as building bridges, repairing schools, and helping communities reactivate the economy so that people can return to power” added Herlan.


Lailatul Istikhomah / Hanaa Afifah

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