JAKARTA. (07/03) The rapid development of technology as well as the high number of mobile phone users in Indonesia (reaching 67% of the population) affects people’s lifestyles, including the preferences of donation methods for those in need. Security and practicality are two considerations in determining how they share.

Understanding these needs, TCASH provides solutions to enable people to donate quickly, anytime and anywhere, through two main methods of access code * 800 # that can be used also by customers with feature phone; and QR Code Scan that has been available in more than 100 mosques in Bandung, Jakarta, and Purwokerto.

Danu Wicaksana, CEO of TCASH said, “We see the culture of sharing has become an integral part of the life of Indonesian society. To facilitate donations while simultaneously encouraging the creation of a non-cash lifestyle, we present TCASH’s digital donation feature since last year. Up to now, hundreds of thousands of people have entrusted this donation feature to channel their funds to the needy.”

The community’s trust for digital donation through TCASH is supported by strategic collaboration by the company. One of them is TCASH collaboration with Rumah Zakat which has been consistently established since 2017. As the biggest zakat, infaq, and alms management institution in Indonesia, Rumah Zakat has now become one of the main objectives of TCASH customers in digital donations.

Nur Efendi, CEO of Rumah Zakat said, “Rumah Zakat realizes the importance of innovation and strategic collaboration to encourage Indonesians to share more. Looking at donation trends in Rumah Zakat dominated by online transactions up to 70%, we are also consistently continuing to work with TCASH through its digital donation feature. Hopefully with more people sharing, we can help more pre-prosperous communities in 191 cities / districts in Indonesia. ”

Digital Donation to Rumah Zakat through TCASH is very easy, especially with the presence of QR Code Scan service that has been authorized by BI. The public only needs to scan the QR Code listed on the infaq box at certain mosques and determine the amount of donations. In addition, the community also has the option of using the access code * 800 * 01 # to select the desired donation program, starting from zakat, infaq, qurban, scholarships, disaster preparedness, to incidental humanitarian program.

Some donation programs that have been specifically collaborated between Rumah Zakat and TCASH include infaq qurban program, Asmat Tribe food aid, and Superinfaq box initiative with QR Code Scan method that has been spread in around 15.000 dots.

Welcoming the holy month of Ramadhan, TCASH again collaborated to support Rumah Zakat Ramadhan Berdaya program which is focused on three programs, namely Iftar (Berbagi Buka Puasa), Eid Gift for Orphan (Kado Lebaran Yatim), and Family Eid Gift (Bingkisan Lebaran Yatim) through the donation feature of QR Code Scan, which will start in mid May 2018.

Efendi added, “Through this strategic collaboration with TCASH, we hope to encourage beneficiaries to be more empowered in the future and expand the reach of pre-prosperous communities in other regions.”

Furthermore, Danu also affirmed TCASH’s commitment to support the mission of Rumah Zakat. “We are optimistic that TCASH’s digital donation feature can be one of the potential donation methods for Rumah Zakat, especially with more than 20 million customers we have in Indonesia. It is also in line with TCASH’s vision to empower communities in remote areas, through the support of technological innovation innovations, “Danu concluded.

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