When having difficulty understanding a theory in knowledge, Ibn Sina performed the sunnah prayer. He begged for guidance to Allah SWT to be given convenience to understand the theory of knowledge. After performing the sunnah prayer, Ibn Sina experienced silence, clarity of mind, and the ease of understanding the theory of science that had previously been difficult.


Ibn Sina’s experience in obtaining the ease of understanding a theory after performing sunnah prayers indicates that prayer is not only worth worshiping. However, prayer can also be a therapy for people who experience difficulties in life, Including the difficulty of understanding a theory in science.


Therefore, Allah SWT said, “Make patience and pray as your helper. And verily, this is indeed hard, except for those who are devoted. “(Surat al-Baqarah [2]: 45).


Someone who has difficulty obtaining sustenance can continue to pray Dhuha continuously to be given the convenience of obtaining sustenance. As stated by the Messenger of Allah, “O you sons of Adam, do not idolize the four Dhaba prayer. Because, by doing the Dhuha prayer, Allah will fulfill your needs in the afternoon. “(HR Hakim and Thabrani).


Whereas, for someone who is trapped in confusion who is between two difficult choices, he can perform Istikharah prayer to make the right choice. As the Prophet explained, “If one of you intends on an affair then do the two rak’ah prayers which are not obligatory prayers, then pray.” (Al-Bukhari).


In addition, for someone who is desirous of something, but has not yet materialized, he can perform Hajat prayer. As said by the Prophet, “Whoever has a need for Allah or one of the humans of Adam’s grandchildren is ablution with the best of ablution, then pray two rak’ahs, and perform Hajat prayer.” (Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah).


In fact, when an arrow hit the leg of the friend of Ali Ibn Abi Talib, he ordered the arrow to be removed while performing the prayer. When Ali Ibn Abi Talib was immersed in solemn prayer, at the same time the arrow that hit Ali Ibn Abi Talib’s leg was revoked. Subhanallah, Ali Ibn Abi Talib did not feel pain when the arrow was pulled from his leg.


It is very important for someone who has heart, mind, and physical problems to overcome it with solemn prayer therapy because prayer is communication between servants and Allah SWT so that a strong connection is established. That way, all the problems faced by a servant will get help from Allah SWT.



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