MEMPAWAH HILIR – WEST KALIMANTAN (18/12). Rumah Zakat volunteers went straight down to do the disaster care action in Dusun Dusun sebukit rama desa pasir  Mempawah Hilir West Kalimantan, which was submerged by flood.

Volunteers Bring Food Packages, 70 packages of basic necessities each containing 1 sack of 5kg rice, 1 liter of cooking oil, 1 mixture of liquid milk, 1 packet of bread, 1 packet of supplies for women and babies, 5 snacks and 3 cans of Superqurban.

“The activities of the residents were paralyzed, especially farmers, the water rose to enter the homes of the residents. So the volunteer team went down by using the canoe to enter several houses,” said Sunardi, Rumah Zakat Volunteer.


There are 900 families affected by floods in Mempawah, the two hamlets are located at the end of the Pasir village road which is the lowest place so that the two villages, including flood-prone Areas. Of the 900 families affected by the flood, there were 70 families that were severely affected, until the early hours of the morning the water was still flooded inside the house.

To respond to the puddle of water in the house, almost all the people of pasir village who were severely affected made the stage inside the house so that residents could rest and gather with their families.

There were no casualties and no people were displaced outside the village. The impact that harmed the residents from the floods was the activity of paralyzed family heads, especially farmers and ranchers. Sabari’s 70-year-old grandmother said that the flood in her village was a flood of shipments every year from upstream and added by heavy rain, for the past 3 weeks Granma Sabaria and family lived on her house stage.

“Thank you to donators, Rumah Zakat and volunteers for the help and care,” said Grandma Sabaria.

The urgent needs at this time are basic necessities such as Sugar Oil and Bread, Baby Pampers Equipment, Baby Oil, Women’s Supplies, and Bandages.


Silvia Zakiah Itsnaini

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