By: Ichwan Mahmudi

Rasulullah SAW said, “There are two blessings, in which many people are deceived by them, namely health and opportunity.” (Bukhori HR).

The above hadith explains the importance of taking advantage of the opportunity (time) because many people are not complacent about their time. Imam Al-Ghazali in his book Khuluqul Muslim explained that time is life.

Therefore, Islam makes empathize in utilizing time, including indications of faith and signs of piety. people who know and realize the urgency of time means also understanding the value of life and happiness.

Conversely, people who do not know the importance of time seems to live in a state of death, although in essence, he breathes on earth. “Allah asked, how many years have you lived on earth? They answer we stay (on earth) a day or half a day, so ask those who count.” (QS Al-Mu’minun [23]: 112-113).

The above verse shows those who do not know the importance of time as if only living a day or half a day because they do not understand the meaning of age, unable to master and fill it with a variety of useful activities.

Leaving time wasted in the assumption that there is still time tomorrow and it is one sign of not understanding the urgency of time, even though he never came a second time.

In an Arabic proverb, it says “The days of the past will not return.” While Ibn Qoyyim al-Jauziyah in his book Al-Fawaid explained, “Wasting the heart due to an attitude that prioritizes life in the world from the afterlife and let time be wasted with the assumption that there is still time tomorrow.”

One way to use time is to use it to obey and worship Allah. In the book, Fathul Baari explained, “Whoever uses his opportunities and health to obey Allah, he is a very happy person. And whoever uses it in sinning Him, he is the one who is deceived. Because the opportunity is always followed by busyness and health will be followed by illness.”

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