By: Imam Nur Suharno

It is said that the angel of death (Izrail) was friendly with the Prophet Ya’qub AS.

Once upon a time, the Prophet Ya’qub said to the angel of death. “I want something that you must fulfill as a sign of our brotherhood.”

“What is it?” asked the angel of death.

“If my time is nearing its end, let me know.”

The angel of death said, “Fine I will fulfill your request, I will not only send one of my messengers, but I will send two or three of my messengers.”

After agreeing, they separated.

Time passed, the angel of death returned to meet the Prophet Ya’qub. Then, the Prophet Ya’qub asked, “O my friend, did you to visit or to take my life?”

“I come to take your life,” answered the grim reaper.

“Then where are your three messengers?” asked the Prophet Ya’qub.

“I have sent it,” the angel answered, “The white of your hair after its blackness, the weakness of your body after its strength, and the hunchback of your body after it was straightened. O Ya’qub, these are my messengers for each Child of Adam. ”

The story above reminds us of the three signs of death that will always meet us, namely the whitening of the hair, physical weakness, and the hunchback of our bodies.

If a third or one of them already shown itself to us, it means that the angel of death has sent his messenger.

Therefore, every Muslim should always prepare to face the messenger.

Death is a certainty that will be experienced by every human being as which has been confirmed in the words of Allah SWT, “Every soul will experience death.” (Surah Ali Imran [3]: 185).

Therefore, we hope that when facing death it would be in a state of submission and obedience to Him. “O you who believe, fear Allah with the utmost piety to Him; and do not ever die but in a state of Islam.” (QS Ali Imran [3]: 102).


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