TIM SIAGA SEHAT SMBANGI SDN 19 SIAK HULU PEKANBARUPEKANBARU,(27/2). Healthy Standby Team of RZ and Cita Sehat Foundation on Saturday (25/2) visited SD Negeri 19 Siak Hulu, Kab. Kampar, Pekanbaru. The visit aims to conduct health education to students.

Since morning, the students of 1st grade to 6th do sports together. After that, they do GPS or Pick up Trash Movement. They collect plastic waste such as bottles in school area. After collecting, they put the garbage into large plastic is placed in front of the field.

“Pick up trash or GPS Movement is at once teaching them to discipline dispose of waste in place,” said Rizki Amelia, PIC of activities. After a short break, the students gathered at the square to listen to health education delivered by midwife Amel. He explained about Ascariasis.

“Ascariasis is an infection caused by Ascaris lumbricoides worms that live in the human gut. Well this disease is common in children loh. Therefore you should be wary of cleanliness, for cleanliness is one aspect of infectious larvae of the worms, “said midwife Amel that made the students shudder with fear.

Midwife Amel also described how the prevention Ascariasis. Hopefully with this extension can reduce the number of patients with Ascariasis, especially children in Pekanbaru, especially in the area of Kampar.


Newsroom / Nurul Rahayu


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