minuman-air-lemon-_160727091919-175 Lemon juice becomes a drink that is very beneficial to the human body. Some rules of healthy lifestyle advised to drink a cup of orange juice once or twice a day for seven to ten. This will help the body stay healthy and fit.

Some of the daily activities make a person feel tired and lose stamina. This condition indicates that the body needs time to recharge and consume stamina drinks. Drinks were highly recommended is lemon juice.

Reported by Boldsky, here are some signs that the body requires lemon juice. If someone feels tired tend to want to constantly consume coffee. This could be a sign that the need for lemon juice to refresh the body.

And some people tend to feel hungry and always want to eat the food. Well, a cup of lemon juice before meals can help reducing overeating habits.

The emergence of facial acne indicates the condition is not good due to pollution and other impurities. If you have this condition, you are advised to regularly consume lemon juice. The content of antioxidants in orange juice is very good for skin conditions.

Frequent cough or fever indicates a low immune conditions and infections. Lemon juice contains vitamin C which is good for immunity.

Mood swings can be caused by stress. Lemon juice can reduce stress and make someone become more relaxed. Try to consume a cup of lemon juice in the morning and evening during the week to relieve symptoms.

Source: republika.co.id

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