Setting a good diet is one of the important keys in efforts to lose weight. In addition to dietary adjustments, mineral water also plays an important role in accelerating the process of weight loss.

The thing that needs to be done to accelerate the process of weight loss is simply drinking more water. Although it seems simple, several studies have proven that drinking more water is one of the important factors in burning fat.

One study that proves the role of water in weight loss has been published by the US National Library of Medicine. In this study, a group of people of normal weight was asked to drink 500 milliliters of water.

What happened after these people drank plain water was quite surprising. In just 10 minutes after drinking 500 milliliters of water, there was an increase in resting energy expenditure by 30 percent. This increase in burning energy lasted for almost an hour after these people drank 500 milliliters of water.

Some other studies also found a direct relationship between drinking water and burning fat. The impact of increasing drinking water not only affects weight loss but also decreases waist circumference and body fat percentage.

However, some people may not really like the taste of freshwater. Pieces of fresh fruit can be added to water to add flavor and freshness. That way, people who are trying to lose weight can become more excited to drink water.

Mineral water can be drunk at any time. To further support the burning of calories, studies show that drinking cold water will result in the burning of higher calories.

As reported by Express, efforts to increase drinking water also need to be accompanied by several other things. One of them is cutting sugar intake. Cutting sugar intake has been proven to reduce weight by 4.5 kilograms in six months.

Avoid adding cream in a coffee can also help those people who want to lose weight and cut down on excess calorie intake. In addition, the popular diet 16: 8 is also considered to be able to help people to lose weight.

Diet 16: 8 is a dietary arrangement where a person only eats for eight hours in one day. While the remaining 16 hours is fasting time.

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