RZ LDKO CilegonBANJARMASIN. When we were in school our syllabus used to change almost every year. There was a constant need to learn the advance methods in each subject as lessons would become outdated at the blink of an eye. It is the similar case with our skills at our jobs. There is a constant need to get yourself trained and upgrade your skills to keep in pace with the rapidly changing world irrespective of your hierarchy.

Most top level employees forget that it is the top management that provides direction and support to the entire organization and think they don’t need to undergo any training sessions. As it is important for junior and middle level employees to hone their skills it is of utmost important for top level managers to know the latest trends.

A good empowering productivity is absolutely supported by capable empowerment facilitator. Therefore, RZ held upgrading training for regional coordinators and mentors who live in Banjarmasin, Sunday (12/4).

There were 19 participants who joined this training. All participants were very enthusiastic listening to the material which was delivered by the speakers. In this opportunity, they learned about teaching human.

“The upgrading training was very exciting because we’re not only listening to the materials indoor but also simulated the theories outdoor,” a participant said. ***

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