RZ LDKO CilegonJAKARTA. Wahyuni (40) is a member of RZ micro entrepreneur community from Pejaten Timur Integrated Community Development. She lives in a rent house located at Masjid Al Makmur Street, Pejaten Timur, Jakarta, with her son. 15 years ago, she decided to migrate to Jakarta and looked for a job there since she has been left by her husband.

Working odd and erratic for 10 years, finally she decided to become an entrepreneur. She chose to sell various wet food such as Batagor and Soto in front of her rent house. At first due to limited business capital and facilities, she could only produce some bowls of her products every day.

With the passage of time, she motivated to develop her business to fight for her son’s school. She modified her products in order to be more delicious and more attractive.

Considering her efforts, RZ sent its Micro Business Officer to coach and train her business potential and give her some business capital, facility assistance, and entrepreneurship training. Recently, her business is developing significantly and her product is also increasingly recognized by the public. ***

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