WARGA BERBONDONG-BONDONG IKUTI PENYULUHAN GIZI SEIMBANGYOGYAKARTA. In celebration of National Nutrition Day which falls on 25 January, along with Cita Sehat  RZ held events on the nutrition balanced health counseling at RZ’s RBG Clinic Yogyakarta on Friday (01/13).


Since morning, the citizens queued outside the clinic to collect data. After that, they are welcome to enter the room. As many as 106 members attended the health education activities.


Materials provided to the member that is about balanced nutrition delivered by medical volunteers Cita Health, Siti Nur Wahyuningsih, S.Gz. On that occasion, he spoke about the notion of balanced nutrition and how it is applied in everyday life.


The residents are very enthusiastic to listen to the explanation given. Especially with very attractive media presentation that makes the material more easily understood. Communication is established not only of the speaker, but also from residents who attend. Many of those who asked about problems in their daily nutrition, and there are also those who simply sharing or shared their experience related to balanced nutrition.


“It was nice to greet the residents and members in RBG Clinic. They are very enthusiastic when i explained the material. They also actively asking questions and expressing their opinions. Hopefully with this activity, they will be able to add insight on balanced nutrition, “said Siti at the end of the activity.

Newsroom/Nurul Rahayu

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