warna-warni-awal-kbm-di-sd-juara-jakarta-timurJAKARTA. Futsal activity is a starter of teaching and learning activity in the second semester of SD Juara Jakarta Timur, this kind of activity made students feel fresh and ready to learn. In addition to futsal activities, taking place also other activities, such as welcoming students and the flag ceremony and the creation of a class organization that took place on Monday (01/09).


The futsal Event attended by students in grade 4 to 6 by male students, while the class display performed by female students from 3rd grade and 4th Grade through 6. While Lego game and sneezing prayer followed by all students of 1st grade and 2nd grade.


In addition, on Wednesday (01/11) Majelis taklim for 1st grade parents themed “Thankful “, on Friday insya Allah, will be held parenting activities Socialization of School Program, Program Committee, and Taushiyah ‘. Socialization school programs to parents, one of them concerning the application of SOP ADAB that can be synergized with the parents” Said one teacher.

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