MAKASSAR. Elderly is a condition where the immune system decreased physically, skin that loosens, hair is bleached, body movement becomes slow, visibility and hearing increasingly decrease and some changes in the deterioration of other physical conditions. The situation is not a disease, but the stage of being elderly where the biological and psychological conditions have decreased.


The decline of physical condition is what motivates to improve the quality of life of the elderly. Through Elderly Friendly program from Rumah Zakat with health partner Cita Sehat Foundation, the elderly are given health service to improve the physical condition.


On Friday (05/19), Rumah Zakat and its health partner Cita Sehat Foundation, in synergy with Tamalanrea Health Center held Elderly Friendly program in Empowered Village Tamalanrea, Kampung Parang Makassar. With various activities ranging from registration, weight measurement, height, blood pressure measurement, metabolic checking, health education, drug delivery and ending by consuming watermelon fruit for the elderly.


“Alhamdulilah I regularly come to this elderly posyandu for health check because my blood pressure is always high, since joining this posyandu my blood pressure decreses because I was given counseling and fruits. Now we are also given watermelon. Thank you Rumah Zakat. ” Lammi (55) Said one of the elderly in Kampung Parang.

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