YAYASAN MASJID NUSANTARA DAN RZ TERUS GAUNGKAN PROGRAM MASJIDKU MAKMURLEMBANG. (08/07) The implementation of “Prosper Mosque” program which is a movement of dawn prayer in congregation at the mosque in the ICD area region is still ongoing. ” Prosper Mosque ” Program is a synergy between Yayasan Nusantara (YMN) and RZ has been running for three months.

Most of the residents had already started to get used to following the dawn prayer in congregation, one of which at Masjid Al-Barokah in Kp. Bunisari RT 01/06, Mekarwangi village, Lembang – Bandung.

This week the dawn prayer in congregation is followed by 70 people comprising 25 men and 35 women. Alhamdulilah, though without invitation but the pilgrims present is quite committed and the number of 60 to 80 people in every dawn prayer.

As usual after dawn prayers will be filled with study from Ustadz Aep Saepudin which is RZ inspiring Volunteer , the study delivered Ulluhiyah Tawheed, Tawheed first duty of man.

“I represent the congregation thank God and say a big thank you to YMN and RZ which has helped us to move and also tell us the virtue of the dawn prayer in congregation. May Allah SWT reply with kindness. “Greet the chairman of Mosque board.


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