Tebar 10.000 Mukena untuk IndonesiaBANDUNG, Yayasan Masjid Nusantara (YMN) as one of RZ’s holding company member launched 10.000 mokenas for Indonesia program on Thursday (27/3) in Pusat Dakwah Islam (PUSDAI) West Java. This program is initiated to provide comfortable shalat facility in mosques over Indonesia. For the period in 2014, YMN will distribute 2200 mokenas to 38 cities.

“By providing comfortable mokenas we attempt to invite people to preserve mosques,” Muhammad Sobirin, YMN director said.
Sobirin claims that there are many mosques that do not provide Mokena. The main target places of distribution are the post-disaster areas. He said that YMN had distributed 500 mokenas to several post-disaster areas in the beginning of 2014.

He also added that YMN has cooperated with several public organizations to realize this program. ”In distributing mokenas we cooperate with 20 Islamic public organizations, 44 DKM, and 72 nusantara mosque pioneers. By cooperating with them we expect that we can reach a wider range of the distribution area,” Sobirin Said

This program has existed since 2013. in 2013 YMN had distributed 1000 mokenas in West Java and this year YMN plans to distribute 10000 mokenas around Indonesia.

Courtesy: www.masjidnusantara.org/news

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