MAKASSAR. Zafran (5) who will be on the Kindergarten this year is the child of Mr. Hendra and Mrs. Hasnaini. Zafran’s father works as a laborer at the harbor. Zafran began studying Iqro at TPA An – Nur Attaubah, located in Leko Hamlet, Bonto Marannu Village, Kec. Moncongloe, Kab. Maros. doesn’t far from Makassar city.

Although Zafran is often mocked and harassed by other santri who are older than him because of his father’s profession, but it does not degrade Zafran’s spirit to always come to his TPA to study the Quran. Zafran is still eager to come and keep coming to learn the Quran.

When asked by one volunteer Rumah Zakat Makassar Zafran replied, “Brother from Rumah Zakat, thank you for the Qur’an,” he replied with a smile.

Not only Zafran, another santri named Putri Salsa (7) also has a spirit likes Zafran. Putri is also learned to study at TPA An – Nur Attaubah, together with Zafran and other students.

Putri’s Father who only works as a truck driver be the reason Putri to be mocked by other santri. But same with Zafran, his passion for learning is stronger and bigger than the fear of Princess who often gets ridicule from his friends.

“Brothers from Rumah Zakat, thank you for your Al – Qur’an, hopefully next time can come here again.” Said Putri.

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