Setting a diet with balanced nutrition and regular exercise is the key to a healthy body. Regularly doing so will make the body achieve ideal body weight, also has sufficient stamina and energy to move.

Inadequate food selection and lack of movement will have the opposite effect. This has been proven in the challenge of retailing healthy food to a number of customers who are willing to experiment.

The online manufacturer is asking a number of healthy customers and diligent exercise to change lifestyle for a week. In seven days, they were asked to eat foods high in sugar, salt, and fat without exercise.

The four people who participated in the experiment were David Templer, Paige Modeste, James Tilley, and Emma Taylor. They stop temporarily sporting daily, while constantly eating junk food and lots of sweet snacks.

The result was not only visible on the physical but also affect the psychological aspects. In addition to weight gain and dullness of the skin, their moods tend to get worse and become less motivated.

The first few days are admittedly great fun because fast food is delicious and easy to get. However, gradually they feel increasing anxiety, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and stress.

Bloggers Paige Modeste found acne popping up in the face and the addition of waist circumference by four centimeters in just seven days. The 25-year-old woman admitted to her head and chose to go back to healthy living.

“I can understand why many people prefer fast food for practical reasons, but the impact is terrible,” Modeste said, quoted from the Daily Star page.

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