PALEMBANG. Rumah Zakat returns with Ramadan Program, one of them is Syiar Quran. Syiar Quran Program is an activity to distribute Al Quran and Iqro packages to various regions in Indonesia. Urban and rural areas with minimal Quran facilities are a priority of distribution.

Thursday (17/05) right at 1 Ramadhan 1439H, Rumah Zakat Palembang distributed 8 Packages of Syiar Quran for Jamik Hidayah Mosque, located at Jalan KH. Azhari Lr. Land Unity, 12 Ulu, SU II, Palembang. Jamik Hidayah Mosque, is one of the mosques located in the middle of dense population in the village of 12 Ulu. This package is received directly by Mr. Asep Saifuddin and the TPA students who are studying.

Maulana (8th), one of the students who is still studying Iqro very glad his mosque got a package of new Quran and Iqro from Rumah Zakat. “Thank you kak, I’ll be more eager for study Quran”, said Maulana.

“Alhamdulillah, thank you so much Rumah Zakat, Give Quran and Iqro for children and congregation of the mosque. Once again thank you very much, may Allah repay all the good that has been given”, said Asep.


Andre / Lailatul Istikhomah

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