28-000-anak-antusias-ikuti-indonesia-mendongengREPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANDUNG Social institution and non government organization, RZ held Indonesia Storytelling Volume 4 followed by  28 thousand participants simultaneously in 14 cities in Indonesia. “Hopefully, through this activity, many children who receive a positive stimulus through the fairy tales they listen,” said Chief Executive of Indonesia Story Telling Volume 4, Abdul Wahad through press releases in Bandung, yesterday.

Abdul said Indonesia Storytelling activity is to provide positive activities for children, as well as a means of gathering students of TPA / TPQ held nationally. According to him, the activities of storytelling can give the impression and the message effectively against children compared with other advice. “Storytelling usually gives the impression and can convey the message effectively to children than usual advice,” he said.

He said Indonesia Storytelling is a routine activity carried out by RZ volunteers annually with the goal of making a positive contribution in the education and formation of character. Abdul hope, through this activity we can bear children as a generation of people who have good values. “We held this event in the hope of conveying the virtues through a fairy tale,” he said.

This activity was held in collaboration with Institution of coordinating movement TPA / TPQ Solo Raya and TPA / TPQ communities in 14 cities in Indonesia, including Aceh, Manado, Lampung, Banjarmasin, Palembang, Makassar, Jakarta, Pontianak, Pekanbaru, Solo, Bandung, Medan, Cimahi and Padang.

In addition to storytelling, was also held Tahfidz contest, coloring contest and a parade of students. “Alhamdulillah, many participants attended the event in every city, even in the city of Solo number of participants reached 19 thousand children,” said Abdul.


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