3 RUMAH LUDES DILAHAP SI JAGO MERAH, RUMAH ZAKAT SALURKAN BANTUANCIANJUR. (23/3). Fires have occurred on Wednesday (22/03) at 03.30 in the morning before dawn in Kp Citoe RT 03 RW 07, Kertajadi village District of Cidaun, Cianjur. The fire originated from an electric short-circuits interference. The fire was first noticed by the people who are doing night guard duty, immediately residents were woken and evacuated. for building the house built semi-permanent, Si Jago Merah very quickly devour the houses of the first to the second house and third, none of the residents had to save possessions, the three houses owned by Mr. Jumin, Mr. Rosidin and Mrs. Winangsih were flat on the ground nothing left devoured by the fire. The victims currently displaced at home their relatives who lived not far from the scene.

To lighten the burden of the victims and provide assistance then on Wednesday (22/03) at 07.00 Volunteer of Rumah Zakat comprising Nur Latifah, Reni shalihah, Aceng syarif Hidayat, and Abdullah Umar departed from Bandung to Kp. Citoe RT 03 RW 07, Kertajadi village District of Cidaun, Cianjur.

“We bring reliefs in the form of 3 packages of groceries consist of 5 kg of rice, 2 L of oil, 1kg of sugar, and tea, 3 packs of family Supplies consist of cabinets, mattresses and rugs, as well as 2 packages of school supplies consist of Uniforms, school bags, shoes and books” Abdullah Umar said.

Arriving at the location volunteer team was immediately greeted warmly by people, they also directly reviewed the location of fire – it had been flattened. The reliefs taken immediately channeled to Mr Jumin, Mr. Rosidin and Mrs. Winangsih.


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