JAKARTA. Rumah Zakat’s Volunteers distribute aid to fire victims at Taman Kota Housing, Block A1, RT. 01 and RT. 16, RW. 05, Kembangan Utara Sub-district, Kembangan District, West Jakarta. A total of 100 cans of rendang and 200 cans of Superqurban corned beef were given to the victims on Friday (30/3).

“When there is fire information, we immediately assemble the team and prepare the temporary assistance, Alhamdulilah instantly the aid is ready”, said Pendy as coordinator of volunteer team.

Furthermore, the volunteer team also prepared a standby post which was imposed 24 hours for three days. The post is standby to meet the needs of drinking water for refugees and volunteers on duty. During the post in open refugees and volunteers enthusiastic to take hot drinks and cold drinks provided.

On the second day (31/03) the Volunteer Team also cooperated with Kampung Dongeng in psychosocial assistance activities for children. At that time more than 100 fire victims got gifts of stationery and snacks. At the same time, 80 cans of rendang sapi and 60 cans of Superqurban corned beef were also distributed.

On the third day (01/04) Volunteer Team distributed cooking aid to the refugees. No less than 300 cooking utensils are evenly distributed to all refugees.

“Any help we receive will be very valuable to us, we lose a lot of wealth because of the fire, so may Allah reward you all,” said one of the refugees in the refugee camp.

The fire occurred at Housing Park City on Thursday (29/3) at around 18:00 pm this draws attention from many parties. Aids in the form of food, medicine, clothing and other kinds of help came. New fire can be extinguished on Friday morning at 01.00 pm. There is no valid data on the number of casualties, but it is suspected that 300 houses consisting of 600 families and 2,500 people are victims in this fire.

Andri Murdianto / Lailatul Istikhomah

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