stres-di-tempat-kerja-berujung-kematian-dini-_161021102806-341Stress can happen anyone and anytime. When unbearable pressure comes cope with stress relieve it by consuming stress reliever food, as the expert suggest these following food is good to relieve stress.

1. Bananas

Nutrition and holistic health counselor Natasha Uspensky said, bananas rich in vitamin B6, which can increase serotonin levels. She suggested the combination with almond butter to the intake of protein and fat that is useful to stabilize blood sugar.

2. Oysters

Stress causes an increase in cortisol levels suppress the immune system’s ability to fight infections and antigens. Uspensky inform, oysters are rich in antioxidants, selenium, and zinc will improve the immune system when it is under stress.

3. Dark chocolate

Andrea Moss holistic nutrition experts advise snack a bar of dark chocolate when stressed or when to meet deadlines and set up an important meeting. According to him, the chocolate makes the brain release more happy hormones endorphins and serotonin in addition to its function as the lowering of blood pressure.

4. Vegetables and Cheese

When someone is stressed, the nervous system becomes exhausted so adds more tension to the body. Nutritionist Nikki Ostrower encourages consumption of calcium-rich cheese to enhance the function and nerve relaxation and vegetables that are high in soluble fiber to maximize digestion.

5. The poached eggs

When shopping, do not forget to include a few dozen eggs in preparation for a month. Besides choline content in the yolk, Ostrower also mention eggs are rich tyrosine, an amino acid that helps increase alertness and memory.

6. Smoothie kale

Holistic health experts Molly Lee said another alternative antidote to stress is smoothie greens, especially kale smoothie. A glass of green drink that is rich in antioxidants and fiber that increases energy, reduces anxiety, and provide a relaxing effect on the body.

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