ANAK JUARA PELAJARI HADITS DALAM PEMBINAAN RUTINJAKARTA. (08/14)This is not the first time Kak Dian delivered material in anak juara mentoring with hadiths that Insha Allah will lead the children to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW. New children started to arrive when kak Dian started to enter the Hall of Masjid Nurul Iman.

Once they know kak Dian had arrived, with enthusiastic they called their friends who have yet present. When their friends are already present, the event began. Children listened to the material with enthusiastic.

““Yaa Ghulamu sami Allaha wa kul biyamiinika wa kul mimmaa yaliika.

O my son, by the name of God (Bismillah) and Eat with your right hand, and eat food
that placed nearby. “said Kak Dian in the delivery of material.

The next session children learn to practice with groups, and then one by one the children were asked to come forward to practice. All children with innocent smile were cheerfully practicing hadith.

Then Kak Dian gave a surprise by giving gifts to children. Even children cheered.
“Even though it is the same area as the first time I visit, but the spirit is greater than once the fist time.

Insha Allah I am ready to visit again to share knowledge I have” Said Kak Dian.


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