PROGRESIF, PAK ITAY DULU SUPIR MOBIL KINI PEMBUAT MOBILCIKARANG Mr. Itay Mukhtar merupaka one Beneficiaries of RZ Bekasi branch joined as entrepreneurial assisted member  of RZ Bekasi since September 2016, he had two children who are still in primary school.

He makes cars that are then sold to citizens by way of walking around wearing a simple cart, while his wife activity is a labor of washing clothes in a few houses. Mr. Itay stays in the village. Walahir, Karang Raharja village, Cikarang Utara subdistrict, Bekasi district.

Bang Itay he often called, her business activity originated from the profession of a truck driver in one of the private companies in Cikarang, then stopped because the working condition is uncomfortable. Then he decided to attempt to make crafts from scrap wood and wood of demolished houses that often gathered by his parents, depend on his potential bang itay eventually started his business into the former wood craftsmen who made cars until finally reunited with facilitators of RZ Bekasi branch. At that time RZ started assisting business from entrepreneurial training assistance to provide him capital and business facilities.

Enterprises cars lived very interested in children and adults for products sold cars vary from the size and type of toy cars like toy cars, buses, trucks and tank cars. Within a week he is able to sell around 5 to 7 pieces of a toy car with a price range of Rp 70,000 to Rp 100,000 per piece.

” Alhamdulillah, the condition of my family from the economic aspect slowly improving, besides i can develop my skills also now I get closer to children because of I can work at home, I thank RZ which are always by my side, and because of RZ I get better, thanks RZ” said Pak Itay.

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