JAKARTA. Thursday, (20/7) Fourth day of School Environment Introduction (MPLS), students of SD Juara Jakarta Timur, the school under Rumah Zakat assistance, gathered in the field to do gymnastics.

Instructors that is familiar for students, Wasiah, with a cheerful smile able to hypnotize the students while exercising morning. Gummy bear, penguin, doremi is a fun gymnastics to do. The students were so enthusiastic that they would not stop.

After the morning exercises, the activities continued with art performances of extracurricular by students who joined in various ekskul, including marawis, qasidah, archery and silat.

MC for the activities guided by grade 4 are Zeni, Miranda, Nailah and Najwa. Pensi began with the performance of marawis, because excited audience request song.

Tahfidz club also performed, qasidah group is not less interesting to enjoy, the melodious voice of Ananda Sella able to make children touched because the song titled ibu (mother).

The action of silat by Merpati Putih team is no less exciting than other eskul. The choir also invites to sing Kun Anta songs.

“Alhamdulilah, the activities of today went well, the purpose of this activity is to invite students to join in ekskul so that there is regeneration, the incorporated in ektrakurikuler also give motivation for other students to follow the competition” said Principal of SD Juara Jakarta Timur, Ahmad Kosasi.

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