LOMBOK. “Bruuuss, bro, bro,” the sound from the roof and the building collapsed due to the 6.4 magnitude earthquake (29/07) in Lombok. The big earthquake devastated many houses, schools and places of worship.

As a result, many residents including women and children of Lombok are now living in evacuation posts. One of them is Adit.

Adit, 3rd grade student of SDN 2 Tanjung, Kandang Kaoq Hamlet shows every corner of the school where he and his friends can learn. A sad expression seemed to emanate from his tiny face, Adit sat more pensive and occasionally wiped sweat, while lowering the rubble of buildings that flattened the tables and chairs where he studied.

“Sis, Adit really wants to sit at the desk learning to listen to the teacher’s story as usual, Adit is very happy if she goes to school, can study and play together with friends,” Adit said, hopefully.

Adit is one of the portraits of thousands of children in Lombok who are forced to withstand their great desire to go to school in a decent place, because their schools are gone and are flat on the ground. Seeing this, Rumah Zakat rebuilt an Emergency School for Adit and his friends. Hopefully this emergency school can motivate Adit and other Lombok children to continue to be passionate about realizing their dreams.

This Emergency School is the help of donator of Rumah Zakat.


Shintya / Lailatul Istikhomah

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