ajma-anak-juara-yang-sholehah-itu-telah-pergiJAKARTA. Ajma Ristianingsih, one of RZ foster children from jatinegara region who was 8 years old has passed away, on Monday (01/09) morning Ajma passed away of the disease she suffered some time ago in the holiday season.


Yeyen, the mother never suspected that Ajma’s disease which was originally only a fever, cough, and the common cold is a serious disease “Previously Ajma already brought to the doctor by his uncle and from the diagnostic it was only an ordinary fever that when given the drug will be restored. But already a few times to take medication, Ajma not yet healed even more severe, vomiting and she was getting worse, “said Yeyen when met at her home in Rusunawa Jatinegara barat, East Jakarta.


Ajma, cheerful girl is RZ foster children since three months ago. Previously she was diagnosed suffering from typhus but due to delays in the examination as well as there is a possibility of heart problems.


“After a few days consulted to the doctor yet there is no change. She was taken to the doctor again and sentenced to typhus. When she was going to be referred to hospital, the blood vessels had ruptured because of heart problems, we just knew at that time” said Yeyen.


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