BUKITTINGGI. (24/09) high rainfall caused river water to overflow resulting in flooding in Jorong Sungai Buluah, Nagari Cingkariang, Kec. Banuhampu, Kab Agam. Following up on the incident, Rumah Zakat volunteers in West Sumatra sent two volunteers to conduct an assessment to the scene. The flood caused 55 affected families and property losses.

The next day (25/09) Rumah Zakat sent 7 volunteers to the location of the flood. While waiting for the 2nd Team to arrive, volunteers who were already at the location started shopping for the relief package, which was a package of basic necessities consisting of; 110 kg of rice, 110 liters of cooking oil, 110 packs of biscuits, 55 kg of sugar, and 55 boxes of teabags and then packed into 55 help packages.

Exactly at 12:30 p.m., the 2nd Team arrived at the location, then continued with a Coordination Meeting with Regional Device Representatives, Army, Social Department, and Police to conduct Clean Action Action along the river flow. Due to bad weather, the clean action will be held on Tuesday (25/09). However, the Rumah Zakat Volunteers remain determined to take a clean action in Paud Pertiwi, Sungai Buluah and distribute 55 packages of basic needs to Banuhampu village head.

“Insya Allah, today (09/25) we will carry out clean actions in the river flow with local residents, Army, Tagana and the National Police,” said Afrinaldi Oscar, Coordination of Action.

While some of volunteers made warm posts and continued with shopping for school packages hygienic kids packages, and kitchen equipment packages for 4 families who experienced very severe conditions.


Lailatul Istikhomah

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