BANDUNG. The earthquake and tsunami that struck Palu and a number of other areas in Central Sulawesi Province on Friday (28/09) sparked concerns and sympathy from the people of Indonesia and the world. Various elements of society ranging from the general public, students, ASN, Armi, Police, children and students held Prayer. They also raised funds to be sent to victims in Palu and other areas.


Concern also came from the students of SMP Juara Bandung, Panyileukan. At this school, hundreds of junior high school junior students gathered funds in the form of money for earthquake and tsunami victims from students, teachers and staff. On Monday (01/10) Fundraising was coordinated by Osis by going to classes, then students donating money into the bags provided.


“Insya Allah, the assistance collected will be sent to Palu through Rumah Zakat,” said Agung Nuryadi, S.Pd. Vice of principal of Student Affairs.

After fundraising at school, then the junior high school students of SMP Juara Bandung attended the Sholat Ghaib for the people of Palu and surrounding areas who were victims of the earthquake and tsunami disaster. The activity was centered and carried out with elementary school students at SD Juara Bandung on the school grounds. Acting as Imam Salat is Mustofa, Lc.M.Fil.I. PAI Middle School teacher.

After the Salat, Mustofa, Lc. Mfil. I gave a little explanation about the disaster that happened, and how the attitude of a Muslim in dealing with the incident. After completion, continued with fundraising carried out directly by officers from Rumah Zakat.



Ginanjar Rahayu / Lailatul Istikhomah

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