BANDAR LAMPUNG. The rain that flushed the Ketibung sub-district caused flooding and a number of houses submerge by the water. Since this afternoon, Rumah Zakat Lampung has sent four volunteers to the flood site in Ketibung Subdistrict, South Lampung to assest the locations affected by the flood.

According to Hamid, the volunteer coordinator, the team that was deployed was tasked with assessing the needs of victims affected by the floods and helped residents clean up their homes and public facilities.

Volunteers help resident’s secure valuable items so they are not carried away by the flood. By collaborating with residents and volunteers the work becomes light and the people are helped in evacuating objects that can be saved.

“We deployed the emergency response team to survey the latest flood conditions and help the community ,” said Hamid.

In addition to helping community activities, volunteers also sent logistics to meet the needs of flood victims such as food.

“We will also immediately deploy additional volunteer teams to the location to bring logistics in the form of food and other needs needed by the community affected by the disaster,” Hamid Aid.


Silvia Zakiah Itsnaini

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