BALI. The number of refugees continues to grow with incoming reports from Pusdalops BPBD Bali Province from various points of refuge. Temporary data shows that the number of refugees around Mount Agung per Sunday (24/09) 12:00 PM recorded 34,931 people.

Refugees are spread across 238 refugee of 7 districts in Bali. It is estimated that the number of refugees will continue to grow as yet all refugees are registered. There are even some people who are displaced out of Bali Island.

Data collection continues to be done by Pusdalops BPBD Bali Province as an institution authorized to issue official refugee data. Mount Gunung Activity volcanic and Gunung Agung seismic is still high, white crater smoke with a height of 200 meters.

The magma movement in the magma chamber urges rocks to continue take place. Until now Mount Agung has not erupted. Based on monitoring from Mount Agung Observation Post located in Rendang Village, Rendang District, Karangasem, also noted the frequent occurrence of local tectonic earthquake reached 3.5 on the Richter scale. From 00:00 to 12:00 pm yesterday (09/ 24) recorded 332 times deep volcanic earthquake happens, 211 times shallow volcanic and 43 times local tectonic earthquake.

Since last Thursday (21/09), Rumah Zakat Volunteers team has been on location to conduct disaster-caring actions and help refugees. Rumah Zakat’s Volunteers along with BPBD Bali and other elements have set up refugee camps, public kitchens and warm posts.

“We have also distributed logistics assistance for public kitchens, assisting refugee data collection as well as helping evacuation of local people” said Bagas, volunteer coordinator of Rumah Zakat for Gunung Agung Disaster.

The immediate need is the addition of a common kitchen and logistics, blankets, medicines, tarpaulins and refugee tents.

Newsroom/ Ria Arianti

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