2104 ANAK BINAAN RUMAH ZAKAT SOLO IKUTI OLAHRAGA PANAHANSOLO – Rumah Zakat Banjarsari District, Solo held archery sport. The activity followed by 30 empowered children of Rumah Zakat Solo in Taman Cerdas Sumber, Banjarsari, Sunday (16/4/2017).

The Banjarsari District Coordinator, Muhammad Yusuf, said that archery sport is now becoming a popular sport and is gaining a lot of attention from all walks of life, both adults and children. Especially for Muslims.

“In addition to be the sport, archery is also sport that the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) has taught to the children,” Yusuf said in a written statement received by TribunSolo.com on Tuesday (18/4/2017).

“Besides as a sunnah of the Prophet, as well as refreshing activities for the children of Rumah Zakat, some of them yesterday follow the National Exam (UNBK) and those who will take the school exam (US/M) in elementary level,” he said.

“This sport requires calmness, strength, and focus on the target to be achieved,” he said.

Expected from this activity there are lessons in this activity.

Many children are initially afraid to try, but after they hold their own and practice themselves eventually many children will and want to try and continue.

“It ‘s very fun, this archery activity,” said one participant, Kayla Hana Maharani (10).

Source: http://solo.tribunnews.com/2017/04/18/30-anak-binaan-rumah-zakat-solo-ikuti-olahraga-memanah-di-taman-cerdas-sumber

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